Rocksensor, based in Zurich, Switzerland 

Rocksensor with a focus on microelectronic technique and micro-machining processes

is a technological research and development organisation. It is mainly engaged in the

R&D of the of the core technology of sensors. These activities include: 

• Technical Service for the development and consulting of sensor techniques 

• Product Technology Transfer 

• Techniques and Design of manufacturing Equipment 

• Processing and Customisation of products 

• Development of Product Plans 

Rocksensor, with a solid and strong technical background, has close cooperation with

several famous research institutes and groups in Europe such as EPFL, IMT of University

of Neuchatel and CESM. The research achievements transfer rate is over 93%. It also retains

good cooperation with several world leading sensor, instruments & meters, automation

equipment, micro-electronics and micro-mechanics corporations in Europe. 

Rocksensor uses standard R&D and Research equipment from Professional suppliers

in Britain, Germany, Switzerland, US and Japan. This high performance equipment

together with the highly qualified, trained and motivated Rocksensor team guarantees

a highly efficient, reliable and stable product development. In turn is the powerful 

development together with the high performance of the production line which are

the prerequisites for the excellent performance, reliable quality and perfect technology

of the Rocksensor Products. 

With the world leading technology know-how, strong R&D team and the excellent

& highly efficient production line, Rocksensor is your most credible and reliable

partner in the Automation field.

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