Rocksensor presents its full range of products in MICONEX 2019

Rocksensor, as the leader in the industry, has participated in this exhibition as always, and brought its full range of products to the MICONEX 2019.

Rocksensor focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of high-precision monocrystalline silicon differential pressure, pressure transmitter and sensor, and relies on its solid technical strength to continuously innovate its products. In this exhibition, Lotensin not only showed the application of pressure, differential pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter, but also showed the measurement of gas-liquid two-phase flow of rp1005 series high-precision multi parameter differential pressure transmitter, which is an extension of differential pressure transmitter. Lodinson's pressure transmitter has been praised by many customers for its excellent product quality, and the market has more trust in the product quality. In order to respond to the needs of customers in flow measurement, and also to expand its product line, lodinson solemnly introduced the new rf3200 series Coriolis Mass Flowmeter in this exhibition.

On the first day of the reception dinner (and the science and technology award party), Rodinson won the third prize of science and technology award of China Instrument and Instrument Society with its star product, pressure transmitter for 600 ℃ ultra-high temperature photothermal power generation.

On the first day of the multi-national exhibition, lodinson booth has attracted many domestic and foreign customers and visitors. They either stop at our demo system or have great interest in the performance of our products, and have in-depth communication with our sales personnel. The exhibition is still in full swing. We are looking forward to more customers and colleagues to come to the A540 booth of e pavilion to communicate with us. We will see you soon.