Explosion proof electrical CCC in 2020


On April 28, the official website of the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the notice on optimizing the catalogue of compulsory product certification. According to the adjustment of the catalogue of compulsory product certification, in order to facilitate the relevant parties to accurately define the scope of compulsory product certification catalogue, some product categories in the catalogue were merged and optimized on the basis of not changing the implementation scope of compulsory product certification.


 Note: since explosion-proof electrical products are defined according to the application scenarios, they involve a wide range of products. Many customers often have doubts about whether some products need CCC explosion-proof certification. The announcement issued by the CNCA further clarifies the above issues. However, for some products, such as "ex components", the description of "including such products used as ex components" has been added in 13 of the original 17 product categories, except for the 12 sub categories covered by the category of "explosion-proof accessories and ex components" in the scope of the original compulsory product certification.