RP1001 differential pressure level transmitter

Technical Specifications

Reference List of the Relationship between Span Code and Span

Span Code Min. Span Max. Span Rated Working Pressure (Max.)
B 1kPa 6kPa

The rated pressure of level flange

C 4kPa 40kPa
D 25kPa 250kPa
F 200kPa 3MPa

Reference List of the Relationship between Level Flange and Minimun Span

Level Flange Norminal Diameter Min. Span
Flat Type DN 50/2 '' 4kPa
DN 80/2 ''
DN100/4'' 2kPa
Insert Type DN 50/2''
DN 80/3'' 2kPa
DN 100/4'' 2kPa

  • It is suitable for measuring fluid media such as ultra-high temperature 600℃, high viscosity, corrosiveness, easy precipitation, etc.
  • Measurement range (No Shift): 0-6kPa~3MPa
  • Filling fluid: silicone oil, vegetable oil
  • Diaphragm: SS316L, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, SS316L Gold Plated, SS316L Plated PTFE, SS316L Plated PDA, SS316L Plated FEP