• RP202S
  • RP202S series economical transmitters are based on sputtered this film technology,providing high reliability,long term stability and low cost.

    Design providing a rugged sensor,suitable for many general purpose pressure measurement applications,compressor control pump protection and many other monitoring and control operations.


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance

    Stainless shell and wetted parts

    Compact design

    Cost effective

    Long Term Drift: 0.2% FS/Year

    Accuracy: 0.5% FS

    Thermal Error: 1.5%FS/100℃

    Compensated Temperatures: -25℃~+120℃

    Supply Voltage: 2V above FS to 30Vdc / 0V min. to 10V max.

    Current Output: 8-30 Vdc/ 4-20mA

    Approvals: CE,RoHS

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