• RP1001
  • RP1001 Differential Pressure Remote Seal Transmitter


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance

    ● Suitable for measuring the fluid medium of the high temperature 400 ℃,high viscosity, corrosive, easy to precipitation

    ● Range Limits:0—1kPa~3MPa

    ● Fill fluid: silicone oil, high temperature silicone oil, ultra-high-temperature silicone oil, vegetable oil

    ● Isolating Diaphragm:316L / Hastelloy C / Gold plated on 316L / FEP or PFA plated on 316L / Tantalum

    Measuring range (without migration):

    最小 0~200Pa

    最大 0~40MPa

    Range ratio:

    Minimum 10: 1

    Maximum 100: 1

    Ambient temperature:-40℃ ~ +85℃
    Medium temperature:-50℃ ~ +400℃
    Temperature effects:±0.04%/10K 或 ±0.08%/10K
    level of accuracy:0.05/0.075/0.1
    Long-term drift:0.1%/3年
    Explosion-proof certification:NEPSI/ATEX
    weight:1.6 kg (transmitter body only)
    Bus standard:4~20mA HART

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