• RT2004
  • The RT2004 RTD temperature transmitter measures the temperature of liquids, gases or vapors in the food and pharmaceutical industries and converts them into a 4 to 20 mADC current signal output.


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance

    Pt100 Class A high precision temperature sensor

    Digital circuit temperature transmitter with LCD display, 4~20mADC output, superimposable HART protocol

    Responding Time is less than 1s

    Temperature range -50~+200°C

    Stainless steel protection tube

    HART communication output optional

    Pt100 Class A high precision temperature sensor

    Output: 4-20mA

    Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +55 ° C

    Process interface standards: ASME BPE, ISO 2852, DIN 32676

    Process interface size: Tri-clamp DN15~DN100

    Protective casing: 6mm outer diameter, length 30 ~ 150mm

    Thermal resistor ferrule: Pt100 temperature sensor, EN60751, Class A

    Response time: <1s

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