• RCF3200-Z
  • RCF3200-Z Sanitary Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is widely used in areas such as biotechnology, food, pharmaceutical and other sanitary conditions.


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance

      1. High-precision Sanitary application range

      2. Wide Nominal diameter Range Choose: DN15, DN25, DN40, DN50

      3. No dead angle, easy to clean; save space, easy to install; maintenance free

      4. Strong impact resistance

      5. The Flow meter won't influenced by the medium characteristics

      6. Available for CIP/SIP cleaning

      7. Protection level IP67. Good performance for water proof.

    Working Pressure: ≤4 MPa

    Medium Temperature: -40℃~+150℃

    Nominal Diameter:DN15,DN25,DN40,DN50

    Max Flow: 108kg/min (DN15), 300kg/min(DN25), 750kg/min(DN40), 1166kg/min(DN50)

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