• RCF3200-P
  • RCF3200-P Hydrogen Measurement Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is used for hydrogen dispenser,hydrogen refueling station,hydrogen measuring platform and others.


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance

    1. High pressure High Pressure: 35MPa/70MPa

    2. Nominal diameter DN04, DN08

    3. Excellent flow measurement performance, meeting the filling and measurement of high pressure gas such as hydrogen

    4. 1.5 times the experimental surplus to ensure the reliability and safety of ultra-high pressure applications

    5. Smooth inside the pipe without other parts, no additional pressure loss during measurement

    6. The contact medium parts are made of composite metal material, which is excellent in hydrogen resistance.

    7. Protection level IP67,Good Peforamance of Water Proof

    Nominal Diameter:DN4,DN8

    Medium Temperature:-40~70℃

    Working Pressure:≤70MPa

    Max Flow:8kg/min(DN4),18kg/min(DN8)

    Measure Medium:Hydrogen

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