• RF3700
  • RF3700 thermal gas mass Flowmeter is based on the principle that the speed of heat absorption is directly related to mass. The sensor of the instrument is composed of two reference grade thermal resistance (platinum RTD). 


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance

    1. Constant temperature heating design, direct mass flow measurement without additional equipment, no flow computer.

    2. There is no need for air pressure transmitter (compensation for air pressure during calibration) and no temperature transmitter (temperature compensation according to actual temperature).

    3. All products are designed with non-movable parts with a wide range ratio of 100 to 1 sensitive to low flow. Metal welding structure, plug-in ball valve low pressure loss.

    4. The seismic performance is good and the service life is long, the sensor has no moving parts and pressure sensing components, and is not affected by vibration on the measurement accuracy.

    5. The thermal gas mass Flowmeter consists of sensor and signal analysis, processing and control unit. One part of the sensor measures the temperature, while the other part is used for heating.

    6. The former monitors the actual process temperature, while the latter maintains a certain constant temperature, so that it is always higher than the actual process temperature and keeps a constant temperature difference with the process temperature.

    7. The greater the mass flow rate of the gas, the greater the cooling effect, and the greater the energy needed to maintain the differential temperature. Therefore, the mass flow of the measured gas can be obtained by measuring the energy of the heater.

    Structure Type: Insert type, Flange type

    Medium: Gases(not including acetylene gas)

    Pipe diameter range: DN15~4000mm, DN15~2000mm

    Flow range: 0.08-120Nm/s

    Accuracy: ±1+2.5%

    Operation temp. Sensor:-40~+220°C :-20~+45°C

    Working Pressure: Medium Pressure ≤ 4MPa

    Power Supply: 24V, 220V can be select (integrated type), 220V ( separate type)

    Respond Time: 1S

    Output Signal: 4-20mA, RS485, HART,pulse

    Medium: Variety of gases (except ethyne)

    Supply Type: Separate type, integrated type

    Flange Material: Stainless Steel

    Display: LCD display

    Display Information: Mass flow, standard volume flow, accumulated flow, standard time, accumulated running time, standard flow rate, etc.

    Protect Level: IP67

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