• RCF3200-L
  • The RCF3200-L Cryogenic liquid Coriolis mass flow meter is developed for meeting serious low temperature working conditions (down to -196 ℃), which specializes in the LNG fueling or dispenser applications.


  • Product advantages
  • Product performance
    1. Supporting serious ultra low temperature working condition

    2. High measuring accuracy

    3. Unique flow meter structure

    Accuracy: 0.15%, 0.2%, 0.5%, 1.0%

    Density: ±0.001g/cm3

    Ambient Temp.: -40℃~+55℃

    Medium Temp.: -196℃~+70℃

    Supply Voltage : 12VAC~30VAC / 15VDC~40VDC

    Elect. Conn.: Thread M20×1.5 Output: Modbus / RS-485, Pulse, 4-20mA Current Loop/HART

    Tube Material: 316L , Hastelloy

    Nominal Diameter: DN08, DN25, DN50

    Flow Rate: 18~39kg/min, 220~485kg/min, 750~1653kg/min


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