• RD4003
  • RP4003 Smart Virous Direction Type High Frequency Radar Level Transmitter


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    RD4003 radar level transmitter applies advanced non-connect measurement technology,launching and receiving high frequency microwave pulse by aerial system and then transforming it into a standard 4~20mADC HART or RS485 current output signal.

    Frequency Range: 0~26GHz

    Measure Medium: solid block and powder



    Measuring Range:0~70m

    Process Temperature:-60~250℃

    Output: 2 wires type,4~20mADC HART output,digital communication,linear or Square Root output is optional; 4~20mA with HART protocol; RS485 output

    Preheat Time:<15s

    Ambient Temperature: -40~85℃

    Storage Temperature/ Transport Temperature:-50~85℃; -40~85℃(When the transmitter is with LCD display)

    Explosion Proof Performance: NEPSI Intrinsical Certification:Exia Ⅱ C T6 Ga

                                                    NEPSI Explosion Proof Certification: Exd Ⅱ T6 Gb

    Allowed Working Temperature: -40~65℃

    Electrical Connections: M20x1.5 Cables Sealing Buckle,the terminal supports 0.5~2.5mm² wire

    Process Connection: G1/2" A" Thread Connection or Flange Connection

    Housing Protection Level: IP67

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