• RD4005
  • RD4005 Smart Atomsphere Pressure High Frequency Radar Level Transmitter


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    RD4005 radar level transmitter applies advanced non-connect measurement technology,launching and receiving high frequency microwave pulse by aerial system and then transforming it into a standard 4~20mADC HART or RS485 current output signal.

    Product Features:

         1.RD4005 applies 26GHz high frequency microwave pulse measurement.

         2.High energy, Small focus point and Small Launch Angle

         3.Short wire,Good directionality and Accurate measurement

         4.The RD4004 is with small volume and higher protection level

         5.RD4004 has small blind area and it is available for small tank measurement

         6.RD4004 is easy to be installed and maintained.

    Frequency Range: 0~26GHz

    Available Medium: Liquid,Block and solid grain



    Measuring Range:0~70m

    Process Temperature:-60~250℃

    Output: 2 wires type,4~20mADC HART output,digital communication,linear or Square Root output is optional; 4~20mA with HART protocol; RS485 output

    Preheat Time:<15s

    Ambient Temperature: -40~85℃

    Storage Temperature/ Transport Temperature:-50~85℃; -40~85℃(When the transmitter is with LCD display)

    Explosion Proof Performance: NEPSI Intrinsical Certification:Exia Ⅱ C T6 Ga

                                                   NEPSI Explosion Proof Certification: Exd Ⅱ T6 Gb

    Allowed Working Temperature: -40~65℃

    Electrical Connections: M20x1.5 Cables Sealing Buckle,the terminal supports 0.5~2.5mm² wire

    Process Connection: G1/2" A" Thread Connection or Flange Connection

    Housing Protection Level: IP67

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