RT2003 Temperature Transmitter
Item Specifications
Thermal resistance ferrule Pt100 temperature sensor EN60751 Class A
Measure Range -50~250℃ (RT2001)
-50~250℃ (RT2003)
-50~300℃ (RT2004)
Maximum Load -7.5V/0.022A
Electrical Isolation U = 2000VAC
Current Limit < 22mA
Alert Current The sensor is damaged or short circuit output is 3.6mA or 22mA
Saturation current Lower 3.8mA ,Upper 20.5mA
Output 4~20mA,HART connector can be selected
Responding Time < 1S
Protecting Tube The external thread connection is stainless steel 304, and the sanitary chuck connection is stainless steel 316L

10  Basic

G All stainless steel, output 4~20mA
20 Probe Length

1 50 mm

2 100 mm

3 150 mm

4 35 mm
30  Process Connection Type

4 Sanitary Tri-Clamp DN25/40 DIN 32676(1‘’/1.5‘’ISO2852)

5 Sanitary Tri-Clamp DN50 DIN32676(2‘’IS0 2852)

6 Sanitary Tri-Clamp DN20 DIN32676 (3/4‘’IS0 2852)

7 Customized

1 M20*1.5 Male Thread Connection

2 G1/2 Male Thread Connection

3 G1/4 Male Thread Connection
40 Additional Options

1 Test Report

2 Material Report
  • The central sensing unit adopts Pt100 A-level high-precision temperature sensor.
  • It supports a wide range of temperature measurement to meet site needs.
  • New port support and wider applicability.
  • Integrated stainless steel housing design, precise and reliable connection.
  • Excellent electromagnetic protection performance.